There are many variables that contribute to a good, healthy, and beautiful garden that look both pleasing to the eye and also usher in the local wildlife.  These include plants, stones, and visitors to your garden as well.  Visitors may include songbirds, butterflies, and even frogs that help with pest control.  Outdoor water fountains have traditionally served as an important source for birds visiting gardens to have a place to wash and drink fresh water.  The most traditional fountain that welcomes wildlife is the bird bath style.  These of course are still available, but there are many other designs from which to choose.  Whether you go with a traditional bird bath or a more contemporary fountain, you will watch your garden transform with the life your new outdoor fountain attracts.

Outdoor fountains come in both the traditional variety and the very innovative kind.  It all depends on what is most suitable for your tastes and your garden’s needs.  Consider: do you appreciate more traditional beauty, or the contemporary styles?  What would best complement your garden’s looks and needs?  How much room do you have?  If you’d like a modern ambience, there are beautiful styles available in a variety of materials that include copper, stainless steel, and slate.  If you’d like a traditional feel, there are statues and lions and tiered fountains available.  Manufacturers are creative when it comes to design, now making a wider variety available from which you may choose.  With new innovations and the invention of more and more ways to build water fountains, there are more kinds of outdoor fountains today than there ever were before. 

More modern outdoor water fountains are often just as effective at bringing in birds and wildlife as the more traditional bird bath styles.  All a bird needs is a shallow pool of water and an edge on which to perch.  An outdoor fountain helps to complete your garden’s ecosystem by creating a source of water for birds and other visitors.  Water is recycled through the fountain, creating a continuous pool of water for the birds to use.  This means that no water is wasted, though you will have to occasionally water your fountain just as you would a plant if you don’t get much rain.  If you love nature, then a water fountain in your garden may make an excellent addition that encourages birds and wildlife to make their garden a place they regularly visit.  Your garden will no longer only be a place for you to visit in solitude you will enjoy the company of song birds!

You may already have a pond in your garden.  This is great!  Think of the way an outdoor water fountain can complement your pond and be incorporated into the area.  The more water, the better.  You may only have patio space available, which will also work.  Garden fountains vary in size and shape, which means that there are ones that can fit just about anywhere.  You’ll be surprised at what you can find to fit into nooks of varying heights and widths.  You can even incorporate a fountain next to your pond, and add some Koi fish. 

Outdoor water fountains can attract wildlife to places that normally might be devoid of life.  For example, if you put one on a balcony with some flowers, you may see a few birds or butterflies.  Add a feeder and you’ll see even more birds.  This is especially effective in cities, where nature-loving folk may wish to experience the culture of the city, but miss the wildlife of the country.

Outdoor water fountains are a wonderful way to enliven any garden.  Not only are they beautiful, they also bring in birds.  Add some plant life and even a few stones, and your garden will be a wildlife haven.  Whether you live in the city or in the country, you can enliven your environment with an outdoor fountain.  You may wish to place a chair and table in your garden as a place where you can relax with a book and enjoy the sound of birds singing and the gentle trickle of water.  Your garden will be not only a haven for wildlife, but also a haven for you.

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