If you have a patio or a garden, there few things that can warm up the proceedings there as genuine teak wood furniture can. But why use a wooden furniture outdoors? Wouldn’t it be attacked by rot and wood infesting bugs? Not if you get genuine teak it won’t. Teak is a great material to use outdoors. Moisture and bugs do nothing to it. A part of the secret to the hardiness is teak lies in the way the wood is naturally quite oily. The oil keeps the moisture out. Of course, if you leave teak out in the sun and the rain, it will show the effects of a good weatherbeating. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing really. Weatherbeaten teak furniture doesn’t have the polished golden sheen that new teak, does of course. It just takes on a beautiful mature silvered look that gives it sophistication.

But there are those who long for the beautiful honeydew glow that new teak has. Apparently, the people who wish for that are in the majority, because the market is awash in products that help you remove the silver weatherbeaten look, and restore outdoor teak furniture to its original glory. You can find these products at Home Depot or any other home improvement store in your area. What do you do to maintain your outdoor teak furniture if you don’t wish to keep refinishing it to a golden polished look all the time? What you can do is to use a teak cleaner from time to time. You could buy teak cleaner at Home Depot of course; but if you would rather roll your own, it isn’t difficult to formulate the right stuff at home out of everyday materials.

To make teak furniture cleaner at home, fill a gallon of warm water in a bucket, throw in a third of a cup of bleach and two thirds of a cup of common washing detergent. Mix everything together, and you have all you need to get your teak furniture clean again. Start out by washing your patio furniture down with a soft scrubber and water from a hose. You don’t want to expose the wood to anything too rough in a way that could damage the grain. Pick up a soft brush, dip it in the cleaning solution you just made, and scrub the wood thoroughly to rid t of all moldy growth. Rinse it down with more water out of a hose, and rub your furniture down with a towel. You’re not going to get the teak to shine like it’s had a fresh coat of polish with moves like this. You’ll just get it looking fresh, with its grain showing brightly through.

Sometimes though, outdoor teak furniture can develop oil spots or other artifacts that are kind of a blot on their good looks. What do you do to refinish your teak furniture without using a lot of polish and a lot of elbow grease? It’s pretty simple really – you just give the spot that’s giving you trouble a once over with fine grit sandpaper, and your teak should be back to its old self again. If you want the wood’s natural woody color to show, and not the silvery color that it gets when exposed to the elements, all you need to do is to extend the sandpapering to the entire surface of the piece of furniture in question. It should be over in no time at all, and your furniture should look smooth and appealing as it was the day it came in.

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