Garden fountains bring a touch of class to any garden, and fountains are available online for any garden, large or small. The range of these beautiful water features that is available is astounding, and most are affordable to any purse or wallet. There is nothing like the sound of running and sprinkling water to calm and soothe you when you are feeling stressed, and a fountain is an ideal relaxant for busy people at the end of a tiring day.

Garden fountains are evocative of dreamy romance and fantasy, and having one in your garden is a status symbol that your neighbors will envy. You needn’t tell them the price, because there is no need to spend a fortune for such a token of perceived wealth. You can accentuate the fantasy with fountains made of angels, cherubs or Greek gods, or simple go for a young child playing with baby birds, as the water sparkles and dances into a basin set with acanthus leaves on a classical pedestal.

If you prefer the cherubs, then how about 4 of them playing in 4 foot fountain, a reproduction of a 15th century French design with two bowls, one flowing into the other. Or maybe you would prefer something more classical, with four lions, one on each side of a four foot column spraying water into the air from a beautiful finial top. This is of a classical Italian fountain shape.

There are many more small fountains to be found, suitable for a small or medium sized garden, and some collect the water so perfectly that they would be suitable for a patio or atrium. Of particular beauty are seven bamboo pillars, with water cascading down from one to the other and being collected perfectly in the last to be recirculated back to the top. This suitable for use outdoors or indoors inside your home.

You can even get a cherub wall fountain in a design from Tuscany, of particular benefit if you have no room in your garden for a full round design. This sits against any wall and also collects all the water that is circulated by means of the pump provided.

If you have a pond how would it look with a solid bronze otter sitting in it, piped for use either in a pond or a fountain. This is a beautiful animal, standing 16 inches high, and you could arrange it to be looking at a solid bronze leaping frog blowing water out of its mouth. These two creatures will add class and a touch of fantasy to any garden pond.

Large Garden Fountains

Larger gardens need larger garden fountains if they are to make any impression, and an Asian bronze dragon that blows water rather than fire is particularly impressive. However, if want impressive, then a 3.5 foot mother and baby manatee, each spouting a stream of water is particularly awesome and also very detailed. Like the other bronze pieces featured here, this is cast using the lost wax technique, a traditional method of casting bronze.

Going up in size, you can also choose a young girl with an urn pouring water down into your pond or fountain. At just an inch short of 4 feet, this is an impressive piece of bronze with a two-tone verdigris patina and the face and hands painted in a realistic flesh color. Also at exactly 4 feet, you can have a bronze dolphin standing on its tail spitting water at you.

If these are too small for your large garden, then staying with the dolphin theme, you can purchase bronze garden fountains at almost 7 feet tall, comprising a whole dolphin family, cast one piece at a time. This is absolutely stunning, much taller than you and sure to be a centerpiece in your garden.

If that was not enough, you can purchase a pair of cranes, one looking straight up into the air, and the other with its neck curved looking down. You can use these in a fountain or garden pond, though you will need to purchase a pump for each. How tall are these? Well, the curved necked crane looking down into your pond is a full 8 feet tall. As for the other, looking up at the sky, that is all of 14 feet high!

These cranes are a clear statement of your taste, and will be the focal point of your garden. They are ideal for a substantial pond or a large fountain. They have been cast in solid bronze using the lost wax technique and are as perfect in their detail as they could be. At 14 feet and 8 feet these cranes will likely outshine anything your neighbors will have. They will not only be a focal point but also a conversation piece, so get some good stories ready to tell about them.

All of these garden fountains are absolutely stunning pieces, and will add a great deal to the look of your garden or yard. Fountains have always been symbols of wealth, but these are affordable for anybody, and many offer free shipping within the USA and are also offered overseas. If you want your garden to have that extra touch of class or elegance, then a garden fountain, or pond and fountain, will provide that. 

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